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Post Comp photo shoot

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Photographed by Doug Coleman- PIXELSCULPTURES.

Flush Fitness 6pack bag

A massive thank you to Flush Fitness for providing me with my 6 pack bag for my first year of competing!!

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Some stage shots from my comp

Night of Champions WFF/NABBA 

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Photos from my comp!

What an amazing experience, in a line up with 8 other athletes, didn't make a place but felt like a winner on the day!Up against girl 3 years and over older than me I felt like a baby! 

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​10/03/2014 6 WEEKS OUT!

The same diet for the last three weeks now, my weight is staying around the same mark each weigh in now but my body fat % is decreasing nicely weekly. An added 10 minutes to both cardio sessions has been made, so now it’s 40 minutes morning and 40 post training plus a 1 hour walk [...]

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Today marks exactly one month of dieting!!! (YAY) and I can’t explain how quickly my body has adjusted to the amount of food I’m eating. Before my diet had started I was eating my breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe a couple of crappy snacks in between, the couple of weeks of dieting my stomach felt [...]

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WATCH! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=606910122719691&set=vb.100002021272979&type=3&theater


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Today was the first day of my comp prep dieting and training, it was a massive change from what my usual day to day diet, training and schedule had had been in the last 6 months. I haven’t found the training to hard, although I am not used to the amount of cardio I have been [...]

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The Team!

The group, we all walked in with one thing on our mind, since then, we have struggled, achieved, lost and gained. 

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